About US

Our website is committed to providing timely and factual news stories, thus, we have been dedicated to gathering and delivering only the most comprehensive, relevant, and newsworthy articles in the local perspective. The stories we deliver impact the lives of the community members, helping them to grow individually and collectively as they learn from our materials.

Who We Are

We are the best go-to source of information on the web as we publish reading materials online. We ensure the freshness of every story on your screens. While there is an intense competition of online news providers, we are focused on catering only to our readers, considering their needs, wants, and what they really want to read on a daily basis. Hence, we are the best online portal for news materials, concerned with the overall well-being of the community.

Timely News and Delivery

The Oakfield City Picayune is well aware of the relevance of news, thus, we ensure only the freshest stories on your screens every time you visit our website. News, not only for us, but also for everybody means current, although not all stories are good news as we cover a diverse range of topics, areas, and perspectives that concern the community. Overall, you will receive the latest updates and news articles all the time.

Significance and Prominence

We also acknowledge the significance of every news story. This is the main reason why we gather and publish things that are significant to the community members. However, we do not focus so much on prominence as we are community-centered news portal. We care more about what matters in a local community than the national or global perspective. It is because we want to reach out to people within the local arena because what happens within is similarly significant as what occurs nationally and globally. Local community members also need to be heard, informed, educated and entertained as the prominent people offshore.


When it comes to proximity, our website says it all. We know that when a story is closer to home, it is more newsworthy for the readers and the community members. With this, our news stories have a stronger impact on the local perspective, creating a bond and affecting the lives of people within our reach and coverage. We work hand-in-hand with different media sources, partners, and networks so we could bring you the best stories closest to you.

Human Interest, Community-based

As we go to the fields and gather news stories, we ensure that what we collect are of the human interest stories. As much as possible, we would like to affect a significant number of readers through the materials they read on their screens. Unlike sensationalized items, we want our stories to have emotional appeal to the readers. We aim to evoke responses from sadness to amusement, and so on. Hence, we deliver almost all kinds of stories like light-hearted, in-depth news, offbeat, humorous, interesting, and more. Over and above, we promise to educate and entertain our audiences every time they sit, open their screens, and visit our website.