Man Missing, Family Offers Reward


Michael Gorley, 38, had been missing for several days now. Jennifer Coffey, Gorley’s sister said her gut has been telling her that something is wrong. His brother was last seen on May 17 at round 9 in the evening at a house nearby 5050 Knob Lick Road.

Coffey said that people have seen her brother walking as he left the area, his shoes and hat were still on the porch. She also said that during that time, Gorley was only in teal and white Hawaiian-style swimming trunks.

People who saw him, she said, told that he was walking toward Junction, but they did not know what happened to him next, and it was the last time of his appearance.

Along with the help of their extended family, a 1,000-dollar cash reward has been offered to the person who could lead the family and the police officials to Gorley. Coffey wishes well that somebody would come forward as it has been sleepless nights, and the family is just tore up, including the entire community, she said.

There was a theory that the man might have left town, although that does not make sense to Coffey at all, saying her brother had no money and just got out of jail recently. He had a cell phone, she said, but never had any minutes on it, while Gorley did not have any means to run off or take a vacation.

In February, Gorley was arrested when he was stopped by a police as he drove, discovering 12 grams of meth in the car. Along with 3 others, Gorley was arrested and charged with trafficking, including the possession of illegal drugs. The other 3 had additional charges. After 60 days, he was released when the jury failed to return a prosecution.

Gorey’s address was the same with his sister’s, but since his release, he had stayed with their mother in another area of town. Coffey said his brother never came home, and no one had seen him or heard from him.

The family has also created a special social media page for Gorley, called the “Justice for Michael Gorley”, allowing people to share information throughout the search process. The family members are likewise inventing ways to raise funds, boosting the reward money in hopes that somebody would come forward. Coffey said it has really been tough for the family, not knowing anything, while different possibilities boggle their minds at the same time.

According to Trooper Kenny Sandusky, a state police spokesperson said Gorley’s friends acted paranoid for no apparent reason, before the man’s departure. The state police department has now opened an investigation into Gorley’s disappearance. Sandusky said it is already a missing person case, although it gets to be suspicious at times, and 10 days have passed, without any confirmation.

The police officers have been following leads, but nothing concrete has seemed to emerge. Sandusky said they were able to talk to somebody who led them to another person, who led them to another.

The state police department encourages anyone with information to come to light, whether contacting the department or the family directly.


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