Two Women Arrested, Charged in Relation to Boy’s Shooting


A mother and a grandmother were arrested on related to a May 7 shooting incident, leaving the 4-year-old boy in the hospital bed for nearly 3 weeks.

After he was shot in the neck, Q-Marion Jones remains in a critical condition, according to the police department. Court documents also indicate that the authorities believe the boy was accidentally shot inside an apartment by his brother, 8, who was likewise placed under custody after the incident.

Tyleshia Jones, 25, the boy’s mother was arrested and charged with child endangerment, which resulted in serious injury, obstructing prosecution, and child neglect. Deborah Jones, 55, the grandmother was also charged with obstructing prosecution. The chief deputy attorney Jon Jacobmeier said the agency’s main concern throughout the case is the children.

During the investigation, the police authorities said that the 8-year-old brother admitted finding a handgun, which he and his younger brother though was not real. The boy found the .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun inside a kitchen drawer as he was trying to look for markers.

Later, the older boy told the authorities that he shot his brother accidentally, throwing the gun into a wooded area behind their apartment at 1222 N. 31st Street. However, the authorities have not found the weapon, although a shell casing has been recovered, including a bullet. Based on court documents, the older boy told his mother who said they will make a different story and take the younger kid to the hospital. He noted in an interview that his mother thought he was going behind bars, thinking the same way.

On May 7, the police received a call from a car being driven between West Broadway and 19th Street. The caller was Deborah Jones, and with her are Tyleshia and the 2 boys. The car was en route towards the hospital. The first responders found the gunshot entrance and exit wounds in the boy’s neck.

The members of the rescue members asked Deborah about what happened, but said she had no idea, until she admitted the boy has been shot. The court documents indicated that Tyleshia told the first responders they did not have any gun in the house.

The police authorities have received conflicting reports and statements from the family, indicating that the older boy was outdoors during the time of shooting. Meanwhile, Tyleshia informed the authorities that someone had shot her son, while her boyfriend claimed Q-Marion shot himself accidentally.

In the original statement, the older boy told authorities that Q-Marion had discovered a BB gun and then shot himself in the chest, while Deborah nodded during the 8-year-old’s story, the police noted. Later, she stated that she was just upstairs asleep, and never heard any gunshot.

Deborah posted a $5,000 bond and she was immediately released from the county jail. As for her initial court appearance, it was scheduled on Friday. Tyleshia, on the other hand, remains in custody on a $50,000 bail. Her preliminary court hearing is scheduled for June 5. The court records did not list any attorney for either of the accused.


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