Valencia Boy Nominated, Recognized for Bravery


In the affluent neighborhood of Valencia, a 5-year-old boy was honored for his bravery. The boy’s name was Omar, nominated as a “Hero of the Month” by the Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity. He was nominated for the bravery award for his 2 recent stays in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The Hero of the Month program from the Kids Wish Network recognizes kids aged 3 to 18 who have faced and overpowered difficult circumstances, usually enduring great deals of pain and suffering. Although these kids may not be suffering from life-threatening diseases, they are considered heroes as they have undergone life-altering situations. They symbolize extreme courage and bravery.

The 5-year-old Omar has been struggling medically since his birth. He has been suffering from a congenital condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease, which is a disorder that affects the body’s large intestine.

In June of 2014, he was admitted to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital so as to go through multiple invasive procedures. After a week, he was discharged from the hospital; however, need to go back to the institution for another procedure in September.

Each of his admission to the hospital involves different procedures. He needed pain medications, including several days to recover. Those struggles included discomfort and other possible pain. In spite and despite all of it, the boy worked hard throughout his recovery. He takes walks and spends time outside his hospital room in an effort to continue his mission, which is to spread hid fun-loving and cheerful spirit throughout the entire unit.

Omar’s nominating child life specialist Lindsay, said despite the obstacles Omar had experienced, the boy maintained a willing and positive attitude. The specialist also said that Omar has been considered by other children in the unit as a role model. She admitted that even they, the adults, who have had more life experiences, consider the little boy as a role model and an inspiration due to Omar’s upbeat outlook in life.

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been amongst the hundreds of medical facilities throughout the country that works with the Kids Wish Network in honoring brave kids. Every facility has the opportunity of nominating up to 5 heroes every month. Every nominated hero is awarded with a certificate from the Kids Wish Network, including a gift card, and a T-shirt.

The organization has honored and recognized over 700 heroes across the country between 2013 and 2014 alone. As a nationwide charitable organization, the Kids Wish Network is committed to infusing hope, improving the kids’ quality of life, and creating happy memories all at the same time.

The awards, however, are focused on kids who have experienced or experiencing life-altering situations such as suffering from medical conditions. Thus, Omar is only amongst the thousands of children who have to go through such pain and suffering through several medical procedures that he has to go through one after the other. The organization does not only grant wishes, but also making a difference through various programs that provide hope for children across the country.


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