Mail Carrier Honored for Rescuing Swansea Couple


Last fall, Don Fix, a mail carrier noticed something wrong in the Nelson’s home, saying that the mailbox was full, while a guy from the Meals on Wheels program was also there, but claimed nobody would answer the door.

As Fix pounded the door, he could hear that someone was in the back part of the house, and so he walked along the house’s side to beat the wall near the bedroom, but could not reach the window. He added hearing like Mr. Nelson’s, considering the deep voice saying he fell and could not get up. Fix walked back to the front, but the door was locked, noticing the walker in the living room, although the man’s wife could not be seen anywhere. Fix immediately contacted the Swansea police.

Finally, the police of the Swansea department arrived, was able to get in the house by taking out one of the window screens. They called the paramedics and an ambulance. Both man and wife, David and Eva had fallen. The couple spent some time in the hospital before moving into a nursing home, however, Nelson passed away on May 23.

For 20 years, Fix had been a mail carrier. He has received a letter of commendation from Megan Brennan, the Postmaster General, considering the mailman’s efforts, after hearing Fix’s actions from John Sertich, a postmaster.

Sertich said that Fix was a low key, in spite his concern and paying attention to the couple who were in need of help, saying that the act was special, hence, saving the couple’s lives. Sertich also stated that such things really happen from time to time throughout the region. As the couple was patrons, the mailman would have certainly noticed something amiss, knowing their patrons as well as their habits.

Fix’s case was unusual, the postmaster said. Neither of the occupants was able to help themselves, and if he had not taken action, that could have resulted in serious consequences. The couple’s only son, Eugene Nelson appreciated the efforts as well. David, 84, and Eva, 82 were both diabetic, although Eugene checked with them on a regular basis.

Oftentimes, Fix talks to David, saying that the man knew him. Once he notices a buildup of mails, Fix usually knocks on the door to check on the occupants, or ask around from neighbors.

Fix is a locally born and raised man, has served the army, and once had his own family, moved to the state until 2003. His marriage did not work out fine, so he moved to the city close to his parents. Fix landed in his job as a mail carrier 20 years ago, following a fall accident, while working as a framer.

Fix also said that most of the time he notices erroneous things, although just little stuff. He would still let people know about it. He also tries to watch over a house when the residents go on vacation, and always knocks on the door when he sees something out of place, just as the same as what he did over the Nelson’s.


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