Marijuana Money Linked to Homicide Case


Guillermo Figueroa, 36, was found slain, discovering his remains last fall within the woods. The investigation has resulted in 2 arrests, according to the police officials. They also expect to take in additional suspects in custody related to the case.

Figueroa, the victim, was from the Hidden Valley Lake subdivision. He was a married man with three children. The victim died due a single shot in the head.

On Wednesday, Sergeant Nick Bennett of the city police department said the detectives strongly believe that the motive for the murder is linked to a relative amount of marijuana money. They said that the victim was carrying with him a large amount of money linked to marijuana sale or purchase. On the other hand, during a county superior court, the Attorney General’s Office of the state has charged 2 residents in relation to Figueroa’s death.

On Friday’s court hearing, Gary Williams, 30 years old, was charged with seven counts of felony, including a homicide, killing while robbing the man. The city police department also said that Williams was likewise charged with other related to the slaying.

Meanwhile, Crystal Pearls, 41 years old, was also charged with seven counts of felony. The police officials added that Pearls was also charged with making terrorist threats as she dissuaded a witness and burglary.

Both of the accused remained in custody on Wednesday at the county jail. They have been housed there for nearly two months in connection to another incident, a theft case of a travel trailer. Hence, they turned out to be persons of interest in the homicide case of Figueroa, Bennett said.

Sgt. Bennett added that Figueroa was a suspected marijuana grower, paying people to let him use their property to grow such produce. The police officials believe that one of the marijuana gardens of the victim was ripped off, and that he was carrying an enormous amount of cash. He had plans on buying back the stolen marijuana plants, according to Bennett.

In late October, the wife of Figueroa reported his husband was missing. Throughout the initial investigation, the authorities found a sedan, which was registered to the missing person. The car was abandoned in the northwest portion of the city.

In late November, the missing case turned into a homicide case when a resident called the police officials, saying his dog had found a skull. The police headed to the nearby woods, and with a cadaver dog, they discovered the remains of still an unknown body.

In late December, DNA testing had been conducted so as to identify the body, determining it as Figueroa’s. The city police department then reported the death as a homicide case. The city detectives are now working on the current investigation by the county sheriff’s detectives, including the state department of justice.

The officials are also asking anyone to come to light and to contact the authorities’ respective agencies for any information about the homicide case. Detective Ryan Peterson of the city police department will assist anyone with information linked to the case.


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