Better manners encouraged on NY public transport


The ‘Courtesy Counts’ campaign isn’t something which is brand new to the area of New York, but the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has decided to expand it. The campaign will now be targeting Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road.

Over 2,000 posters have been put up across all the trains, serving as a reminder to passengers that manners are just as important on the train with other people as they are with your parents during dinner.

During a long commute to work in the morning or after a tiring day in the office, it can be easy to forget that there are other people around you who perhaps don’t want to listen to the sound of the latest hits blasting from your earphones. The posters include small messages such as, ‘Keep the Volume to Yourself’, aimed at those who turn up their music too loud or, even worse, fail to plug in their headphones.

Meredith Daniels, a spokesperson for MTA, believes that by obeying the simple rules which have been put in place for passengers on the trains, it will make everything ‘safer’ and things will run ‘more smoothly’, something which many people will agree can only be a positive change.

One of the main things which the MTA hopes to see a decrease in is the amount of people who put their feet up on the seats. The company also hopes to see more people using the storage space provided rather than leaving bags and luggage on the other seats or on the floor.

According to Daniels, there are also too many people who leave their litter on the train, causing a hazard or nuisance to other passengers. ‘That water bottle’ which rolls down the aisle isn’t just annoying for other passengers, but it could also cause a serious accident if somebody tripped up over it.


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