Town complex ablaze as 200 firefighters arrive on the scene


Earlier this year, a complex in town was on fire, while 200 firefighters rushed to the scene and tried to save it.

Housing more than 400 units, many homes were on the brink of being destroyed. The complex, situated on 100 Terrace Avenue, set alight at around 1.30pm. The fire was started on the fourth floor, and the flames succeeding in destroying many of the apartments, although some were saved.

The fire was under investigation afterwards, but the strong winds at the time were thought to have provoked the fire even further, causing a huge amount of damage.

It took more than two hours to get the fire under control, but was eventually put out by the dedicated firefighters who were at the scene. Firefighters from 15 different departments had to be brought in to deal with the flames, which were out of control in minutes.

All the residents from the complex were taken out of the building, with over 450 of them needing to be rehoused after the fire. The Red Cross helped those who had been affected by the fire, offering food, blankets and essentials to the families and individuals who suffered.

Nobody was killed or seriously injured during the fire, although six people were being treated for smoke inhalation afterwards and a child suffered from an asthma attack.

More than 100 of the residents were left homeless after the incident, but the Red Cross were able to step in and help them with shelter and protection until they could find a new home.

After the fire, Hempstead High School was a temporary shelter for those who had been affected and had lost their homes due to the disaster. It is estimated that up to 100 people needed to use the shelter on the night following the fire, and many more arrived to receive food and support from the volunteers.




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