Hofstra Medical School to undergo further positive changes

With plans to improve the institution, students of Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine wait with anticipation for the new positive changes.
The plans hope to encourage the growth of academic programs, bring about more conferences and build off-campus partnerships.
On Monday, the medical school faculty and officials were joined by students to discuss the plans. They were also celebrating the school’s new building, which cost a straggering $35.9 million.
However, the school would like to see even more improvements, so they began to make further plans right away.

University President Stuart Rabinowitz stated that the school is very innovative in the world of medical education, helping to teach students about treating and caring for people, not just seeing them as illnesses.

The university, based in the town of Hempstead, is just one of a total of 141 programs across the country which offer the MD degree.

Michael Dowling, president of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, believes that the establishment is helping to bring about a reform. He stated that changing healthcare cannot happen without training the professionals differently.

The new building takes up a total of 63,000 square feet, and has doubled the size of the school.

Apart from reforming the way that healthcare is taught, the university also hopes to increase the number of students. While there are 280 at the moment, it is hoped that the capacity will grow to 400.

The school concentrates on giving their students hands-on training, rather than spending hours studying theoretical practices. However, the school realizes that both are very important parts of good training, and believe they succeed in getting the balance.

Each student in their first year is a qualified emergency medical technician by week 9 of the year, showing how the training is given in such a practical manner.

Students and staff from the school believe that the courses offered will benefit individuals and the community.


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