Mahopac residents will see tax increase after board meeting

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The residents of Mahopac Central School District will be faced with a tax increase after the new budget from the Board of Education.

However, the tax increase is very small, and will be less than 1%. The budget for the coming year 2015-2016 is $119.9 million, which is higher than last year by almost two percent.

Carmel town residents will see their tax rates go up by 39 cents, and Putnam Valley taxes will increase by 25 cents.

Brian Monahan, Superintendent, has said that the taxes were increased by such a small amount as a result of the increases seen in state aid, reductions in necessary pension payments and good management.
He also spoke of the plans for the future and the upcoming year, mentioning some extra support which will be available for the students who require it.The budget had been split into three different areas on April 14th. One of the categories was the administrative costs, which saw a decrease of more than a million dollars. Programming expenses, including social workers, transport services and counseling were given an estimate of $97,440,917 and took up the vast majority of the budget. The final category for the budget was capital costs, such as maintenance, and over $13 million was set aside for this.

Monahan said that this is the first time he hasn’t been confronted with layoffs since 2004 when he became the superintendent. At the moment, the budget does not need any of the school programs to be cut, and doesn’t require any staff to be laid off either.

Additional funds were also available in the budget for drug and alcohol abuse counseling. This will take place at Mahopac High School, as well as health education in the classroom.

Since drug and alcohol abuse is such a problem in the area, Monahan stated that he thought it was necessary to introduce the new counseling service in the school.



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