Mother of three killed in tragic hit-and-run


At first, it was thought of as a tragic accident, claiming the life of a 35-year old woman. Now, it is being treated as a deadly crime, as it was revealed that the driver responsible for taking the life of the mother-of-three fled the scene of the crash.

Sidney Ramsarup, was driving through Canarsie on Tuesday morning when she was hit was an SUV. The tan vehicle was driving south at East 108th Street and Glenwood Road. The time of the accident was approximately 5:30am.

The area where the crash took place is known for having many sets of traffic lights, and is regarded as an area in which it is difficult to speed and drivers tend not to break the speeding laws.

It is unknown whether the victim was heading back to her apartment, just three blocks away, or whether she had left in the early morning and was departing from the area. She lived in Canarsie with her three children, who are age 17, 9 and 7.

One of her neighbors, who had known her for a long time, said that she was ‘loud with the laughter’ and that her death is a ‘tough loss’, most of all for her children.

Neighbors and local people are horrified that the driver didn’t even stop to see if Ramsarup had been injured during the crash. Residents said that you have a duty to stop and check if anybody has been injured if you crash into them.

The case is currently under investigation by the NYPD Collision Investigation Squad, and the police are appealing for help with finding the SUV which crashed into Ms. Ramsarup.

The car has damage to its front end and is tan in color. It has not been seen since the incident in Canarsie on Tuesday morning, but any information from the public can be reported to the NYPD.



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