New drug take-back program will provide North Castle with safe way to dispose medications


Those who live in North Castle and want to get rid of medications can now take advantage of the new area program.

In the past, North Castle residents have to wait for just one or two days during the year when they can throw out their prescription or over-the-counter medicines without causing danger.

However, it was revealed recently by the local police that a new drug take-back program will be launched in the near future.

The North Castle Police Department believe that it is important for home owners to be able to dispose of medications in a way which will not damage the environment or put others in danger.

Peter Simonsen, the Police Chief in the town, explained the new program. He said that people in the area can visit the lobby of the police department at any time in order to get rid of their medications. Vitamins, pet medications and ointments can also be disposed of, and the lobby can be found at the Town Hall.

The unit which will be used to gather the medications will look somewhat like a mailbox, and will be easily identified by those who wish to use the program.

In the past, the town could get rid of their medications and other prescriptions on ‘drug take-back day’, an event which had been organized by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

This day was usually the same as Zero Waste Day for the town, but after residents responded very positively to the whole event, the authorities decided to come up with a better plan.

Simonsen said that it was clear to them that the residents of the town wanted more opportunity to get rid of waste.

Zero Waste Day 2015 took place on Saturday, and the police department thought it was a good idea to make the announcement then.

However, when residents come to dispose of their medications, they should be aware that inhalers, needles, aerosol cans and hydrogen peroxide will not be welcomed.




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