New Flushing project to bring more houses to the area


The Department of City Planning and a group in the neighborhood town of Flushing have come together to work on a project which will bring more houses to the area.

A grant was received in 2011 which enabled the town to start cleaning up the waterfront and developing the area. The $1.5 million grant would help to clean up 60 acres.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has recently revealed his plan to develop and enhance the entire New York area, but his affordable housing plan is something which is close to the hearts of many local people.

The Flushing Riverfront Project and the study into Flushing West have been combined, and the authorities hope that different departments can work together in order to develop the area. More affordable housing could mean that the local residents see a better quality of life.

The study area runs from Prince Street to Flushing Creek, Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard.

Project consultant Alex Rosa has said that Flushing is in great need of affordable housing, and these projects will help to bring about the much-needed change. Since both projects had very similar goals, it made sense for them to team up for the common good.

The Flushing Willets corporation discovered in 2012 that a lot of the area was filled with unused lands and buildings. Plans were made to redevelop the area so that better homes were available. It is hoped that new houses will be more affordable for individuals, couples and families in the area.

Included in the plan is a new community space, which will be open to everybody in the area. While the waterfront is being developed further, local people from the neighborhood will be able to use the new space to enjoy the facilities available.

A retail space will also be brought to Flushing, which will create job opportunities and make life easier for many of the people in the neighborhood.


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