New laws could be put in place for Layton street food vendors


Letter grades could be received by street food vendors in Layton, according to the Health Department.

The new bill will seek to stop the tension between supermarkets and street vendors. In addition, it could also get rid of the black market businesses which have been running for many years.

Sen. Jose Peralta is sponsoring the bill, and says that it is something which should have been done a long time ago. He believes it has been a problem for many years on the local Albany streets.

The letter grading system used for restaurants could also be used for street vendors if the bill is put into place. A commission made up of nine members will be responsible for making sure that food vendors on the streets are up to the required standards.

Just like restaurants are required to be graded for health and safety reasons, Peralta believes that food vendors should also be put under the same inspections. This is in the best interests of the people who are buying food from the vendors, and should be something which local people support.

Restaurant owners in Albany support the bill and believe it will bring about a positive change in the area.

The commission may also be able to bring about new systems so that restaurants and street vendors are able to resolve conflicts through mediation. Street vendors are often a problem for restaurants, and many serve food which has not been put through safety checks.

If the bill is passed, there will also be an increase in the number of vendor licenses which are given out each year. It is hoped that this number will be increased to a total of 4,000. New ways to stop black market businesses will also be discovered, making the food industry in the area much more safe.


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