Pace University celebrates grand opening of new student center


On Thursday afternoon, the Pace University campus in Pleasantville cut the ribbon to celebrate the grand reopening of one of their student centers.

The Jeanette and Morris Kessel Student Center had been undergoing renovation and expansion. Finally, the work was complete and it was time to celebrate the reopening.

William McGrath, the Senior Vice President, said that it was great to see the excited reactions of the students who attend the university. Their reactions succeeded in making him even more excited about the new center.

Among the speakers at the ceremony were University President Stephen Friedman and John Wrench, who graduated this year.

After the speeches, the ribbon was cut and the grand reopening of the new student center was finalized.

The center will be the main hub which the students will use to eat together, discuss various projects and work together. Collaboration is an important part of the university, and McGrath spoke of how it will give more students new and exciting opportunities.

Not only has it been beneficial to the existing students, but Pace University has gained more popularity. The new center has been the subject of many conversations, and the institution has seen an increase in the number of applicants.

The center is 57,000 square feet, and will become the home of student events. The campus, which is a total o 200 acres, has further plans for expansion. It is hoped that the entire university campus can be modernized, which will make the learning experience better for students and encourage more people to enroll.

In the future plans for development, Pace University will see a new residence hall being built this year. In September, two new athletic fields will be available to the students, and the following year will see a second residence hall opened.


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