Pelham Manor village welcomes new Dave & Buster’s food center

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A new food and entertainment center was welcomed with opened arms when it opened in Pelham Manor last week. The center is situated at Post Road Plaza, a popular shopping mall in the area.

Taking up almost 40,000 square feet, the new center has various facilities for the locals to enjoy. Apart from two American dining rooms, customers can also use the game center, sports bar or billiards room. The entertainment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, although private events can be booked.

The menu is not different for the two dining rooms, and the same staff serve diners in both areas of the center. However, the difference between the two rooms is the hostess-seating service available in one of them. The self-seating room can hold a total of 160 diners, while the other accommodates 88. The center boasts a capacity of 1,200 for private events.

The arcade game center has a total of 170 games, and tickets can be bought at the front desk in order to track points accumulated while playing. They can then be used to buy Apple products, t-shirts, toys and more at the Winners’ Circle.

While there are many tech games available, other traditional arcade games such as shooting the basketball through hoops are also on offer. Mach Storm and Kung Fu Panda are just two of the popular games at the center.

There are now a total of 75 Dave & Buster’s restaurants which have been set up, and it is thought that the chain will expand even further.

On the menu, diners can find a wide range of foods. From 12-ounce New York steaks to much smaller snacks, there’s something available for everybody.

Drinks on the menu include alcoholic beverages, while children and those who wish to remain sober can buy lemonade and other soft drinks. Tea, coffee and soda drinkers can benefit from the unlimited free refills available.

A variety of specialty burgers are available at the restaurants, but sandwiches, ribs, pasta and other dishes can also be ordered. A children’s menu is on offer too, making the establishment a family-friendly hub in the village.


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