Police shoot 15 buffaloes in Albany town


Local police officers in the town of Albany shot a total of 15 buffaloes on Friday. The animals had escaped from a nearby farm and were causing danger to the road users and pedestrians.

The buffaloes made their way to some local schools, and ran past a group of police officers on the way. They were seen crossing over a highway, and the Albany County Sheriff stated that the situation was not safe.

Sheriff Craig Apple said that the authorities did not have any desire to kill the animals, but after recognizing that people were being put in danger, saw no other option.

The animals were shot by three farmers in the town of Coeymans. They were killed while in some nearby woods.

Experts had discussed stunning the animals using tranquilizers, but had come to the decision that this would be not an effective way of stopping the buffaloes.

The creatures had escaped from a farm the day before they were killed, and the shooting did not end without some drama.

One of the hunters who was instructed to kill the buffaloes refused to shoot again at one of the animals who was not yet dead. This resulted in him being detained by the police, and Craig Apple said the situation was ridiculous.

He stated that the authorities wanted the animals to be killed, since the area was turning into the ‘Wild West’.

It was not clear why the hunter had refused to shoot the buffalo, but he has not been charged with any offences.

Animal experts have reported that tranquilizers are ineffective when used for buffaloes. This is because of their thick hide. He stated that doses of the tranquilizers would need to be so high for buffaloes that it would become lethal. In the situation, killing the escaped buffalo was the only option.


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