SWIB Hosts Events to Promote Entrepreneurship


Last week, Stanford Women in Business, also known as SWIB hosted a series of presentations and events, introducing entrepreneurship opportunities to students throughout the Bay Area.

SWIB president for 2015-16 Priyanka Jain said they instigated the event the previous year in order for Stanford women to learn about opportunities both in the non-technical and tech industry. The series of events included a fundamental speech by Tracy Sun, the startup founder. The event was a networking session with the “Tech Trek” and the SWIB leadership team wherein participants traveled to different startup offices throughout the county.

All through the week, the attendees were exposed to other female entrepreneurs and businessmen in the tech business. The SWIB has a mission in helping Stanford women find their paths to success in the technology industry, which is generally male-dominated.

Sun discussed about her recent online fashion startup, which was adamant, hence, being a woman in the tech industry does not define her. She was involved in entrepreneurship, following her double-major in biology and psychology. She also planned on becoming a neurosurgeon, but that career path did not make her happy. Instead, she went to a business school, finding a field that she was passionate about.

She talked about her experiences in the business school, comparing the talks being held with the attendees at that very moment. She said that when business executives are asked about why they love about their jobs, they tend to become speechless, and compared to entrepreneurs who never had issues in answering such question.

Sun has worked her way through different startups, but her recent fashion line has been the most successful so far. Her venture works as an online place for fashion, along with a social networking marketplace. Women are allowed to post photos of items that they want to sell, while other users purchase the site after transacting with the seller directly.

Her talk focused on 7 lessons, which she wanted to share with future business leaders and entrepreneurs. Sun said the very first lesson for the first year of any venture is to be really weird, allowing people to recognize the entrepreneur as strange, and that would be big enough, she added.

She also recommended the audiences to hire people who are smarter than them. The last lesson she talked about was related to the country’s postal service, which accused her business of being the top offender of postal fraud in the state. Hence, she highlighted that people come to you if you are big.

Sun’s talk was just the beginning of the event. The SWIB has high hopes that it will be a full week of discovery for the female students who are interested in engaging in business or entrepreneurship arena in the area and elsewhere.

The SWIB president also has high hopes that the experiences given to the attendees will provide them an inside look at technology. Thus, the event’s main goal is to empower the Stanford women in pursuing their careers in the industry.


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