TMH Doctor to Discuss Health Issues with Women this Summer


While sitting down with a gynecologist, a lot of topics might be talked about such as issues surrounding women’s health from birth control to breast cancer. There is a way to do just that, while The Memorial Hospital hosts a Women’s Health Series throughout the summer season, allowing the local women to pose questions, while doctors Scott Ellis and James Summers will answer those queries.

The summer event’s theme will be “Small Talk, Big Topics,” which will held on Wednesdays at 5:30 in the afternoon. Participants are invited to join the Women’s Health Series at Downtown Books, 543 Yampa Avenue. Dr. James Summers is a gynecologist and will offer the Healthcare Screenings for Women as the first topic of the event. Light snacks and drinks will be provided as well.

While health screenings will be the first topic, Dr. Summers will talk about what women need to know about health screenings, and how often should they get one. He will also discuss wide ranges of tests like mammograms, immunizations, Paps, and cholesterol. In fact, the doctor will entertain and answer whatever the participant wants to talk about.

Dr. Summers said there had been some new ideas about the mammogram guidelines, which will be very interesting to discuss, including new technologies in mammography.

Meanwhile The Memorial Hospital just purchased an updated mammography machine, which is able to produce more precise and clearer images. A 3D technology will come very soon as well. Moreover, a Pap test is another significant screening test that helps in detecting cervical cancer.

Dr. Summers explained that the Pap test is amongst the public health victories in the past 100 years as cervical cancer nowadays is fairly rare. He added that regular Pap tests helps in detecting cervical cancer prior to its development, saying that most women with cervical cancer did not have a Pap test in the past 5 years or never had one.

Summers also explained that women may not need Pap tests based on the age and health history, although going through a yearly examination is still important. Last April, the same medical institution also conducted a health fair, including blood work, which Dr. Summers said is equally vital so as to test for the functions of the liver, kidney, and thyroid, plus the cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The health expert said that these health screenings help women in gauging their health, while making lifestyle changes in order to keep their health conditions away from diseases like heart ailments and diabetes. Preventive medicine is truly powerful, according to the doctor, saying that people should always pay attention and adopt healthy lifestyles.

The doctor also said that he had noticed many women struggling with mental health issues, which could be a good topic in the set meeting as well. He said that the mental health tends to be an area that the healthcare world does not screen very well, hence, those with such disorders need to receive effective treatments, he said.

Finally, Dr. Summers urges everyone to attend the event on Wednesday and forces participants to bring any question, even if the topic is not related to health screenings or prevention.


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