Pharrell & Gore Plan Out Live Earth concert on June 18


Strangely odd friends, former vice president Al Gore and pop star Pharrell Williams have decided to rock the entire continents on planet Earth with a live concert. This concert will be held on June 18 2015 to bring attention to major climate changes happening in Earth’s climate.

The announcement was made in an event World Economic Forum in Davos. The concert will be staged in 6 different cities including Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Sydney and Cape Town. With audience gathered from all around the world, this even would be first of its kind.

The concert will be live in 6 cities including New York and Paris. It has also been decided that a concert will also take place at a research center in Antarctica. It is highly expected that this concert will bring the major support from world population for climate action before the UN talks which may held later this year.

Analysts forecasted that more than two billion people around the world will set their tv channels to live coverage through 200 plus channels. Each individual is expected to watch this concert from 4 to 6 hours.

Al Gore also mentioned that entire purpose of the whole concert is to give a clear message worldwide that world population is currently passing through a very dangerous phase. In addition, far more tougher actions are required to limit increases in global temperature.


Global warming is one of the reasons why such massive level of devastating storms appears on planet Earth. According to US Data, since 1997 Earth is going through a tough time handling more extreme temperatures.

Back in year 2007, Pharrell organized an event Live Earth 2007 Concert. The concert was staged at 11 different locations and was aired through television, radio and stream internet. One of the alarming situations on Earth climate is global warming today.

The reason for Live Earth concert was the raise awareness for global warming. The audience was requested to support the following points:

Request my country to join international treaty that cuts global warming by 90% in first world countries
Take initiative in reducing CO2 pollution, starting from myself first
Assist in halt of construction of any coal burning facility, without anyway of saving carbon dioxide.
To increase energy efficiency at my home, workplace, school and means of transportation
Help grow new trees along with plans to preserve and protect them

In the ceremony, Al Gore mentioned that concert will initiate the a three year campaign world wide to solve climate problems, since the future generation is entirely depending upon us. If we cannot give anything suitable to our kids, then at least we can help in getting better.


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